Women have been wearing wigs for thousands of years, with the most notable person to adorn them being Cleopatra. While the idea behind wearing them is the same, there have been many advancements that make wigs more natural looking and easier to care for. Artificial hair wigs are affordable but do not offer the same quality as those made from 100 percent human hair. Two of the most popular types of wigs are those made from natural Brazilian or Peruvian hair. Below is a look at the differences between the two and a few tips to make finding the perfect brazilian weave or wig as simple as possible.

Reading Labels

The first skill to develop is learning to accurately read the labels present on wigs. When a wig is listed as being Brazilian or Peruvian it could be indicating the style of the wig and not the actual fiber that it is constructed from. Natural human wigs will have a texture that is identical to human hair and will be easier to style and wash. Don’t get fooled by tricky wording. Be sure to verify the material that a wig is constructed from so there are no surprises when wearing or washing it.


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Styling Ability

One of the biggest reasons that women choose brazilian hair is because of its thickness. It provides a great deal more body and movement than those made from hair sourced from Peru, and is perfect for big, full volume styles. It is also more heat resistant and doesn’t require the use of heat protectors during styling. No matter what type of look a person wants, a wig constructed from quality Brazilian hair will deliver.

Visual Texture and Feel

Brazilian wigs are known for having more volume and texture than their Peruvian counter parts. Any woman who is looking for hair that can hold a style all day should look no further than pieces that are sourced from Brazil. It also has a more natural texture, and will prevent anyone from knowing that the hair being worn is anything other than the person’s natural hair.

A wig allows anyone to have the perfect style, and gives the illusion of full hair regardless of what lies underneath. Look at wigs that are made from Brazilian hair and feel the difference quality makes. It can be an affordable way to overcome thinning hair and get the perfect appearance.